Dr. Cleaner: Disk, Mem Clean App Reviews

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Love it!!

Dr Cleaner halps me easily get rid of unneaded junk files. Simply install the app and it will ask you if you want to get rid of unneeded files. All you need to do is click yes. Thats it! Great!

Awesome utility

Does what it’s supposed to do. Clean, elegant and effective. First app I really use on all of my macs.

a must have

Well, you must have this app on your computer. It is amazing how much place you can save specially by deleting apps that you don’t want anymore, or by cleaning up you cache memory. I’m still surprise.

Great tool

I have been using Dr.Cleaner for over a year now and I am totally happy with it…it is reliable and practical and easy to use…and it makes a good job.

MUST-HAVE App for Mac!

The previous version was already a must for me; yet, with the latest update (3.0.0), the myriad of included features became reminiscent of the overwhelming awe I had felt with the UI of OS X when I switched to Mac in 2008. Not only has the user interface been favoured with a majestic overhaul, Trend Micro has included additional functionality that, while my inquisitive nature had not previously desired its measure, displays graphical representation (and percentages) of CPU usage, in additon to network usage with specific quantifications of upload and download speeds. While the interface may present an unfamiliar look, the functionality remains just as good—if not better!

great app

simple and beautiful user interface, and get the job done. Have it on all my 3 macs. Thanks for this great app.

Best cleaning app ever!

It is the best cleaning app ever! Very easy to use! (^O^)b Thumbs Up!

A very hand tool

The new version with a large graphic display is almost enough to make me not use it any more. The previous screen was much cleaner and more professional. Other than that, it’s made a large difference on how well my older Macbook Pro works.

Very Useful

It’s helps a lot and their duplicate folder application is also a plus. Good job!

Clean, simple, stays out of the way

Does the job behind the scenes. When opened, the interface is attractive and easy to understand.


So far quite impressed - easy to use

works well, inobtrusively

It works well, cleans away old data without having to restart the computer. Used it to remove the remnants of other software. Good looking interface, I wish it were a bit less designy, more clear in it’s intentions and results. I like the watery Memory usage/Optimization EFX.

Wow, one of the best upgrades yet !!!

Have been doing my system maintenance yet “ stuff “ from the web accumulates in corners and files. Dr. Cleaner gave me further confidence in performance and security of my Apple product.

Amzing app

Incredible on every level!

Dr. Cleaner

Very attractive interface and does the job getting rid of unwanted junk files and clearing the cache for much better performance.

Simple and clean friendly interface

So far, so good. Love the mimimalistic and friendly inetrface design.


Was working fine. Then I get a pop up that tells me that Dr. Cleaner has cleaned 1.59GB from iTunes…. WHAT? Gone. Not in my trash can. Not anywhere on my mac. No undo. I was not asked to okay the files being deleted. I called and emailed Trend Micro. TREND MICRO DOES NOT SUPPORT DR. CLEANER. Finally found a email buried in a support thread and asked for help. A chat window opened and I was told again that Trend Micro does not support this app. THERE IS NO SUPPORT. If you value your files, do not use Dr. Cleaner. Horrible.

solved several problems for me that was slowing down my laptop

help clean and manage files.


I was happy until the last update but now it keeps asking me for home directory. When I choose the correct one, nothing happened and it kept asking! Any help?

Super app

Handy to ue, great interface and working!

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